Certified Blockchain Dev Course

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Get Certified as a Blockchain Developer.

In this course, cohorts will build and deploy their first smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain using Solidity and learn security best-practices. Cohorts will setup their own personal blockchain network using the Truffles Suite of tools. Cohorts will also learn to build DApps and front-end interfaces and more!

Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a globally recognized blockchain certification, demonstrating their proficiency in this rapidly growing field. This program is ideal for professionals seeking to upskill or transition into the blockchain industry, as well as students looking to gain a competitive edge in their careers.



Blockchain Developer Course Pre-requisites:

  • 1-2 years software development experience
  • Experience with following:
    • Git & Github (or equivalent)
    • Terminal and command-line based tools
    • IDEs such as VS Code
  • Non-technical introduction to Ethereum course (BWBC’s Certified Blockchain Fundamental Course or equivalent)
  • MetaMask wallet setup (Free course through BWBC)

At the completion of this course cohorts will be able to:

  • Understand, write and deploy Solidity Smart Contracts
  • Learn basic toolings like Remix and deployment lifecycle with Truffles Suite
  • Describe the processes of building NFTs, and DAOs
  • Explain decentralize finance DeFi
  • Define and identify Solidity pitfalls and attacks
  • Secure and Audit Smart Contracts
  • Build and deploy dApps

Ideal for:

  • Individuals seeking to learn and build smart contracts
  • Individuals who want to apply for blockchain dev positions
  • Students, Recent Grads, professionals

Online training labs included:

  • Nodes + APIs
  • Transactions
Course will be available for 6 months after enrollment.

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